Crystal Ice Company Norwalk CT provides ice in Connecticut and NY including packaged ice, dry ice, ice sculptures, ice carvings, crushed ice, ice cubes, ice blocks, rock salt, ice merchandisers and ice delivery throughout Fairfield County CT, the State of Connecticut, Westchester County NY and other areas of New York City and New York State.
Ice in Connecticut, packaged ice in CT, ice sculptures in Connecticut, ice carvings in CT, dry ice in Connecticut, crushed ice, ice cubes, ice blocks... whatever your CT event, rely on Crystal Ice Company (one of the oldest and largest ice companies in Connecticut) because you can never have too much ice!
Contact Crystal Ice Company, the largest producer of ice in Connecticut and one of the oldest CT ice companies, in advance for special ice in Connecticut needs such as ice sculptures or ice carvings for CT events, ice sculptures or ice carvings for your NY event, ice delivery throughout Connecticut or ice delivery in New York City or NY State, dry ice, ice blocks, ice merchandisers, or large quantities of crushed ice, ice cubes, blocks of ice, rock salt or dry ice in CT (or in NY).
Crystal Ice Company's Norwalk facility is open to the public to meet your packaged ice in CT needs: crushed ice, ice cubes, dry ice, mini ice blocks or large blocks of ice, rock salt, virtually any requirement for ice in Connecticut.

Dry Ice

Dry ice in CT, pictured is the dry ice machine used by Crystal Ice company CT to produce dry ice for dry ice delivery throughout CT. About Dry Ice

Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide.  It is approximately
-109.3 degrees F and is mostly used for shipping or transporting frozen items. Dry ice "sublimates."  Sublimation is the process of turning from a solid to a gas without a liquid phase.  This is a huge advantage when shipping items because there is no watery mess.  Generally, dry ice sublimates at a rate of 5 to 10 pounds every 24 hours when stored in a typical cooler.  Therefore, dry ice should be purchased at the last minute possible.  [Pictured at right is our dry ice machine.]

Dry ice is available in 3 lb. blocks made on our premises, or in larger blocks of up to 50 lbs.: 

  • Dry ice containers, Crystal ice company Connecticut supplies dry ice throughout CT and NY and can ship dry ice in the dry ice container pictured.  Crystal ice company Connecticut can also provide dry ice containers in various sizes for 3 lb. blocks of dry ice, 50 lb. blocks of dry ice, or dry ice to meet your special dry ice delivery requirement.The 3 lb. blocks last approximately 10 hours
  • 3 lb. blocks are approximately 4" x 6" x 9"
  • The 50 lb. blocks lose 10 lbs. every 24 hours because they are more compressed
  • 50 lb. blocks are approximately 12" x 12" x 12"
  • Dry ice is available to the general public
  • Dry ice pellets or large orders are available with advance notice
  • We also sell dry ice shipping containers [pictured above]. Other shapes and sizes of dry ice shipping containers can also be ordered.

Call us at (203) 866-0540 to place your dry ice order
..or email us for additional information on dry ice!

Handling and Storage of Dry Ice

Pictured are blocks of dry ice which are just one example of the dry ice selections available from Crystal ice company in Connecticut, including small 3 pound blocks of dry ice, large 50 lb. blocks of dry ice, etc. For specific dry ice in CT requirements,  contact Crystal Ice company in CT so they can help you meet your spefic dry ice in CT requirement.Do not handle dry ice with bare hands... it can cause severe burns!  Use insulated or gardening gloves.  Do not ingest dry ice.  Always provide proper ventilation.

If you must store it, keep dry ice in a cooler, wrapped and packed with newspaper.  Do not store dry ice in your freezer as the super cold temperature will shut off the freezer's thermostat.

Uses for Dry Ice

  • To make a witches' brew (a smoking cauldron):  place small chips of dry ice in warm water to produce "smoke."
  • Shipping medical samples/specimens.
  • Broken refrigerator or freezer.
  • Shipping/transporting items that need to be kept cold.
  • Mosquito Prevention:  The carbon dioxide released as the dry ice sublimates attracts mosquitoes.  Place pieces of dry ice in your yard, away from areas where guests congregate .
  • Camping:  Place dry ice in bottom of cooler, then cover with regular ice cubes. (This should keep items cold for 2 to 3 days.)
  • Shrink fittings:  dry ice will shrink metal pipes and bearings.  Add dry ice to a 90% alcohol bath to create a cold liquid near -110 degrees F. that can be used like liquid nitrogen.
  • Underground tank removal.
  • Fog machines.

Call us at (203) 866-0540 to place your dry ice order
..or email us for additional information on dry ice!